Issue 01

Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Volume 200,000



Solo exhibition by Marje Len Murusalu in Tallinn

20th June - 9th July 2011

Solo exhibition "Perceptual Zones" takes place at the Draakon Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia. The oil painting series "Perceptual Zones" was started in 2009.

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Matthew Douglas in twin exhibition project "Stripped"


The twin project "Stripped" is the culmination of fourteen months preparation by the four Bristol based artists whose collaboration promises a rich, stimulating and refreshingly tonal experience.

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"Eight Drawings" by Matthew Douglas in Bristol

28th February - 5th March 2011

Matthew Douglas presents eight new works on paper at 18 Christmas Steps, Bristol.

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Matthew Douglas curates a show by Daniel le Mesurier

6th March - 12th March 2011

In Oneman Travelplan, Le Mesurier and Matthew Douglas present a selection of videos, original drawings and limited edition photographs.

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Matthew Douglas in Bath

28th May - 13th June 2010

Matthew Douglas premiers a series of sculptural work in the Fringe Art Bath festival, Bath, UK. May - June 2010.

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Benefit exhibition Genesis: Art for Haiti in London

7th April - 11th April 2010

Matthew Douglas, Marje Len Murusalu and Tim Plamper will donate their art in a benefit show Genesis: Art for Haiti. The exhibition takes place at the Rag Factory, London and ends with an auction on 11th April. Curators: Tomas Hein and Bashi Kolibarova.

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Solo show "Extra Charge" by Marje Len Murusalu in Bristol

7th March - 21st March 2010

The "Extra Charge" exhibit consists of two paintings, which depict situations in everyday consumerism, observed from the distance. The show is open till 21st March.

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Matthew Douglas curates "Distancing Tactics" in Bristol

1st February - 4th April 2010

Matthew Douglas has been selected as one of the curators of the 2010 curatorial residencies in the WINDOWS204 gallery in Bristol.

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Eduardo Guerra at the exhibition "Rostra" in Lisbon

17th - 30th November 2009

Eduardo Guerra exhibits his work at the exhibition "Rostra" in Pavilhão 28, Portugal.
Also from November 18th – 23rd his work can be seen in the 9th Edition of ARTE LISBOA - Portuguese Contemporary Art Fair with Módulo gallery.

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Solo exhibition "Idée Fixe" by Marje Len Murusalu in Tallinn

30th October - 20th December 2009

„Idée Fixe” analyzes the restructuring of a habitual environment. Not only for the purpose of recreating it, but due to inability to cope with an it due to a different cultural and social background. The exhibition is open until December 20th, 2009.

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"Text Off" by Marje Len Murusalu

11th-28th June 2009

From 11th June till 28th June Marje Len Murusalu presents her latest sound collage “Safety Box 2007-2009“ in Tallinn City Gallery, Estonia. The show "Text Off" will close the exhibition series.

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UEL Visual Arts degree exhibition 2009

4th-7th June 2009

This June, 4 members from STATE: - Marc Gavin, Romana Londi, Matthew Douglas and Marje Len Murusalu - will celebrate their graduation at the preview of the annual UEL Visual Arts degree show.

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Exhibition postponed due to the London Summit!

1st April 2009

Exhibition "The Cross Aspects of..." in AVA Gallery has been cancelled as the gallery is closed because of the possible protests near Excel Center where the G20 Summit is held on 2nd of April, 2009. The preview was supposed to held also on 2nd of April.

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"On Tim Plamper" by Thibaut de Ruyter


Matthew Douglas in "The Cross Aspects of..."

April 2009

Eight artists respond to "The Cross Aspects of..." The exhibition promises to dissect, challenge and investigate, presumptive concepts of "the cross" and illustrate each artists individual reaction to aspects of this ancient and weighty symbol.

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Solo exhibition by Tim Plamper: "Fight the Metric System"

26th March - 30th April 2009

On 26th March starting at 6PM Tim Plamper will open his first solo show in Paris. The exhibition is presented by Susanne Tarasieve as the artist will exhibit his latest work in Loft 19.

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Margaret Flynn: FLOCK

25th - 28th March 2009

Margaret Flynn will be participating in a collaborative project called FLOCK. The exhibition is held in Broadstone Studios, Dublin. Works presented engage with a variety of processes, methodologies and media. Included in the collection are installations opening discourses on the roles of language, semiotics and text in an art environment.

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"Progress in Process" by Matthew Douglas

23rd - 27th February 2009

Matthew Douglas will be inhabiting the Lightwell space at the far west end of the AVA building for one week, commencing Monday 23rd. During this time the artist will be producing a series of large drawn works in situ, making recordings, taking notes and shooting photographs, whilst arranging a select body of recent work on steel.

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