Issue 01

Friday, June 14, 2024

Volume 200,000


About STATE:

STATE: is an international art collective and curatorial collaboration panel, established in 2008.

STATE: supports its member's individual artistic approach through operating as a group of curators and co-organizers. The group intends to extend a dialogue for a broader platform from which various collaborative art projects emerge, often involving other contributors.

Shoreditch Town Hall, London, UK

STATE: was founded by eight artists who joined forces in October 2008 in London. At first most of the meetings were held in the cafe of the University of East London, with which the artists were involved at the time.

Founding members were Margaret Flynn, Luisa Metelo, Marc Gavin, Eduardo Guerra, Matthew L. Douglas, R. Londi, M. Len Murusalu and Tim Plamper.

The first show in Shoreditch Town Hall brought the group together, with an addition of selected international guest artists. Since then, STATE: has cooperated in a manner that opposes to individualism in contemporary art, where collaboration is praised, but often manifests only in short-term projects.

In the end of 2009 STATE: had an opportunity to work with Tomas Hein who proposed an idea of a book about the group. He interviewed STATE: members regarding their activities in the group as well as each artist's personal views to their artwork. In addition Hein photographed unique portraits of STATE: members. This very positive collaboration showed that it is time to join new members to STATE:.

Freies Museum Berlin, Germany

In summer 2010 R. Londi, M. Len Murusalu, Tim Plamper and Matthew L. Douglas presented STATE: Cohort Now exhibition in the Freies Museum Berlin, Germany. Its central theme was the question for the limits of law. Law - not just in terms of statute, rights or privilege, but also as responsibilities and directives. "STATE:" - the limited edition with fully illustrated collection of interviews and photographs by Tomas Hein was first presented.
In 2011 STATE: invited Tomas Hein to join the group. Countries represented by STATE:'s current membership are Germany, UK, Italy, Estonia and Argentina.